More about Us


Sam and Kate, we met fell in love, renovated a home in Mount Stuart, welcomed our son into the world, dabbled in a vege patch and decided we quite liked the idea of having dirty hands and much more space!  We are lovers of fly fishing, being in places where no one else has travelled for days, switching our minds off from that which seems to keep us busy; and enjoy (although we may not admit this) always having something to keep us feeling like the hard work will never end.

We started the search for our property, the one that would tick all the boxes for us…and trust me there were a lot of boxes.

  • It had to have bush and lots of trees, you know the type, those big Ash Gums with white trunks;
  • there had to be a nice fairly level house site to build our home and have a yard where we could watch our children play.
  • We needed pasture to one day add livestock,
  • space suitable for growing fruit and vege,
  • a view that we wouldn’t get sick of looking at,
  • be close to work in the CBD,
  • have a community that felt welcoming;
  • access to water for irrigation….
  • and just to make all the real estate agents scratch their heads, we wanted a property that we could fly fish from as well.

This we found one March day in 2015.  We were at the Taste of the Huon enjoying one too many ciders (well I know I was) when a quick look online revealed a property that appealed, a call to the agent, a visit to the block, a sleepless night of anticipation and decision making and then contract signing.

What followed was a crazy crazy time… overseas holiday, our engagement, home designing, home building, sale of our home in Mount Stuart, moving into a rental unit, wedding planning, wedding and then a month later we moved into our new home all within 13 months of that original visit to the property.  We were exhausted but the work didn’t stop there.  We had fences to build, gardens to set out, fruit trees to plant, and to add to the craziness we discovered during these first early months on our property that we were to welcome our second child in January the following year!

April will mark 3 years of living here, in our home.  And it does feel like home now, we have made our mark.  The rhythm of living has become ingrained, the view still amazes us as I envisage it always will do.  The list of things to do is ever increasing, and I often have to remind myself that although we have so many aspirations for our property that they should not detract from the huge amount we have already achieved. It is these achievements, these dreams and our day to day rhythms that I hope to share with you all, a record for myself, my children and our future or where we have come from and how far we are headed.