What we believe in

We believe in trees, in bush land and leaving nature to show us her beauty.  We believe in letting the land show us what and how to treat it to gain the most from her offerings.

We believe in learning by experience, respecting the words of those who have been before us, and by following what resonates with our own values.

We ensure we only treat our land with elements that will sustain her into the future, using only organic amendments and taking care to make sure anything we treat our produce, land or live stock with are as toxic free as possible.  We take care in our food intake, to choose and be considerate about nourishing our bodies and use the same principles throughout our farm.

We have never utilised toxic chemicals or cleaning products throughout our home on Eska Farm, and have over the last few years replaced nearly all cleaning and personal hygiene products with ones we produce ourselves.  Making the shift from purchasing easily packaged and often very alluring products to now purchasing base organic ingredients and pure essential oils which we then use to create what we need has been a gradual but highly satisfying one.  We have learnt so very much by doing this.  One of the greatest learnings is a stronger trust in our own intuition and self belief that things can be done differently to what commercial markets would have us believe.

We are a family slowly but surely moving towards being Zero Waste, believing that our world needs people to be conscious of how they consume and what they do with all the byproducts of that consumption.

We are strong believers in treating animals with respect and care.  We will only have on our property a quantity of livestock that can be adequately cared for, if at any stage we can not provide our animals with the attention they require we will move them on.  Caring for animals is not just meeting their basic needs of food, water and shelter, but it is also ensuring that they are happy in their environment, have enough interaction with other animals and us humans, have safe areas to shelter from sun or rough weather and that they are stimulated by being new different ground to graze where possible.