In 2018-2019 we planted and grew 3 different cultivators of garlic on our property.  The decision to do so and our past with garlic growing can be found here Learning our garlic!

garlic basket

We have now harvested and weighed up 23.5 kg of Pepperton (Turban) garlic ready for sale.  This lovely all rounder hard neck garlic is great roasted (we love it roasted and then added to dips, eaten with roasted root vegies) sauteed (always added to stir fries, garlic prawns and pretty much anything savoury cooked in our kitchen!) and can also be eaten raw finely grated into salad dressings etc.

We have grown this garlic following only organic principles, and utilising certified organic fertilisers and soil amendments.  The worms have gone crazy in our garlic patch this year, letting us know that they were pretty happy!

If you would like to purchase any garlic from us, please make contact ‘How to reach us’

priced at $30 a kg with minimum sales of 500 grams

garlic crop 1

Early in the growing season, the Turbans standing tall

garlic close up 1

Happy Garlic

garlic harvest 3

Initial cure, 24 hours on the deck before being hung for 8 weeks