Stretching their legs on new ground

Paddock fencing was complete.  The process proved itself a little more timely than anticipated due to weather conditions and at one point I found myself one Friday afternoon (with a baby on my back and young son by my side) driving in star pickets and making up a temporary fenced area to keep our pigs safe until our paddock fencing was completed.

However fencing was now completed and we could move these rather large girls on to  their new pasture. To move our girls we have devised a rather interesting technique, whereby we coax them into their shelter which is a fairly large solid hut with a wooden floor and sleds, once comfortably eating some grain inside their hut we place a piece of timber across the base of their door way blocking them in, and hook the hut up to the tractor and off they go.  They quite happily go for the ride and when they reach their new destination they tend to often finish off their grain before bothering to leave their comfortable bedroom (after all they are pigs and food is a pigs life!).   Watching them wonder out onto their new ground in their paddock was beautiful.  They had such a large space to run around in and they sure did run!  Pigs have the funniest way of moving quickly, they bound from front legs to back, and these girls with their large soft floppy ears that flap in the air just remind me of dumbo as they bound from one end of their yard to the other!  I really do love watching them, and I hope that they can sense how much enjoyment they bring me.  They sure do seem to understand when they come racing up to me to lay down for a tummy rub or back scratch!

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