Learning, Learning and more paperwork

Although the idea of just planting, building and following our instinct can some times feel like the right thing to do; deep down it doesn’t sit right with either of us.  Learning to treat our land with the respect and care it deserves is a slow but very needed process in developing any form of productive and satisfying agriculture. We have a list as long as the days of learning we hope to one day tick off, and books that line book shelves all begging to be read in front of the fire on cooler winter nights.  Additionally there is a  study full of lever arch folders crammed with certification and registrations for all different elements of our property that require filling in and mailing to the appropriate department.

Learning, studying, paper work and red tape are all elements of our lives that were less so previously.  As an avid student having completed 7 years of University study including a Bachelor degree and Postgraduate Advanced Masters Degree, I am not new to the concept of learning.  And the study required to learn to be great land care takers is exciting.  I look forward to the chances as they arise to bite off more knowledge and to implement as much as is appropriate into our lives here on the property.

In the next 5 years we hope to have both completed a;

  • Permaculture Design Course;
  • a base level understanding of Bio-dynamic Agriculture;
  • our business registration for primary production purposes;
  • organic certification with Australian Organics

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