2 Little Piglets

Land and so much possibility.  The options for filling it have been bubbling in our heads since we first stumbled through the long grass on the track leading us to the river the day we decided we must call this place home.

Within our dreams are a herd of cattle, maybe Highland as we can’t go past their character, maybe Lowline Angus as they just look so grumpy and as though a bit of a scratch could cheer them up, maybe a few pretty jersey girls to flutter their eyelashes as we wonder past….

However, we have always longed for piggies, big fat, contented pigs.  The kind that love a scratch, enjoy our company (as we fear we may find ourselves spending many an hour enjoying theirs!) and that can be kind to our land whilst growing themselves to a lovely size ready for market. Pigs have also captured our attention, and although we have no history with rearing them, we are determined to learn, seek out as much support as possible and to do our damnedest to ensure that we have happy healthy pigs enjoying themselves on our farm.

A few things aligned for us earlier this year, and decided it was the right time to really get things moving towards introducing Pigs to Eska.  We sought out some support from our lovely friends at ‘Our Mates Farm’, and we did a lot of reading, research and asking around to finally settle on a breed that feels right for us, the English Large Black.

A placid giant, with soft large ears that flop down across their face, gentle on the ground these pigs are more likely to enjoy eating the pasture than digging it up; affectionate and by most accounts they are a rare and vulnerable breed due to the extremely low numbers of  registered breeding stock.