The start of it all

IMG_1130I have been contemplating, struggling, juggling and basically driving myself a little nuts with wondering if now is the right time to start to share our ‘farming’ with yourselves.

On one hand I can’t help but feel that someone reading will only be interested in seeing the hard work after its paid off…seeing the product at production point, the paddocks already full of pigs, the vege garden in full viable swing, the orchard at a point where kg’s and kg’s of fruit can be harvested and a garden that has an abundance of flowers for the picking.  I know this is what I want to see when I wonder around our property!!

However, reality will have it be that this is not the case, trees take years to grow, gardens need much tending to, vegetables will grow seasonally but only if the hard yards are put in early and the soil is fertile and seeds are gently tended to; and as for livestock they don’t fall from the sky, infrastructure needs to be created and built, stock needs to be carefully chosen and purchased, grown and then if possible reproduction occurs and numbers multiply.

I often find myself wishing away this time, and wanting to see the end result, wanting a fully fledged working farm to call home to (albeit be it small in size!). However, I shake that feeling quickly, these are days that I know will form the greatest of memories, the days where we really understand the term trial and error (more then often it will be error!) of our ways, the days that our children will remember actively helping us build and create infrastructure, muddy days and stinking hot days where we cry and laugh at the huge tasks ahead of us.  But they are days that are no less important than the final product (and I know I kid myself if I think we will ever actually stop developing things to do!).

Therefore to be truly open and to share this place we call home with others, I need to open up this time now and start to write about the building not just the productive days ahead.  I hope that we may inspire some of you to get outside and try a few things yourselves, ask questions, learn and most of all have a giggle even if it is at our expense (know that we are giggling along too!)

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