Eska Farm

35 Acres resting below Sleeping Beauty Mountain Range south of Hobart.  Part pasture, part natural bush land, part river; basking in all day sun light and views in every direction. Our hearts belong here now, and our days are filled amending, building, planting, moving, growing, nurturing and restoring each element of what brings a property into life as a farm.

Right now our main projects include;

  • the nurturing of 3 young pure breed ‘Large Black’ pigs.   Two girls, Edith and Esme along with their handsome fellow Duke will be our future breeding stock.  In the near future we hope to be offering for sale some lovely pasture raised free range pork.
  • the planting of a small scale garlic crop for sale
  • participation in the Sprout Producer Program for 2019
  • undertaking our organic certification
  • Completion of our Permaculture Design Certification

Eska Farm is a property cared for by a family who one day hope to dream it into productivity.  Share this journey with us and read about our day to day living, our trials and experiments and the progress slowly made via our online journal on our Daily Rhythms and Stumbles.